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Jeff Grabill

Jeff Grabill

Jeff Grabill

Our innovative approach

The world is changing and we need to educate people differently.

At the University of Leeds, that transformation has begun. We're aiming to provide an innovative, research-based education for students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities – equipping them with the knowledge, skills and experience to be successful and make an impact in an increasingly complex world.

We are designing educational experiences that enable students and staff to thrive: to grow, to develop, to be healthy, and to make contributions to the world that they find meaningful.

We know our students face a future of significant challenges alongside a raft of remarkable opportunities. That's why our Student Education Strategy is designed to ensure they can learn across the arc of their lives, engage with digital technologies, and manage change and complexity in ways that are inclusive, equitable and caring.

Coupled with cutting-edge digital technologies and the scope and expertise of our interdisciplinary research-led teaching, we're equipping the next generation of world changers to confidently encounter complex problems and be ready to shape our global future.

The following projects, stories and resources illustrate our transformative approach to student education, and give an exciting insight into what's to come at Leeds and beyond.

Professor Jeff Grabill
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Education

Our student experience

Discover how we aim to deliver a world-class education with an exceptional student experience by establishing a student-focused approach, grounded in active learning and supported by ambitious digital transformation.

Our projects

Our ambitious Student Education Strategy aims to transform the way we're teaching on a global scale. Explore some of our latest projects to discover how we're working with students to help design their curriculum, and ultimately their future.

Our impact

Find out how our courses respond to the needs of our students' career aspirations, providing knowledge and expertise that is continuously aligned with global challenges and the evolving job market.


We're collaborating with universities regionally, nationally and internationally to tackle global problems through the development and dissemination of our innovative teaching and research. Access our student education resources to benefit from our work so far.

News and blogs

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Transforming education: the POLIS approach to Curriculum Redefined

12 May 2023

Dr Victoria Honeyman, Dean for Student Education, shares her experience of restructuring the curriculum in the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS).

PDFs and accessibility: I learnt the hard way, so you don't have to!

10 May 2023

Jenny Brady, Inclusive Learning and Teaching Manager (LITE), shares her own struggles with creating accessible content and presents useful tips on how you can make your resources truly inclusive.

Catch them early! - Embedding Sustainability in Year 1 Design Projects

05 May 2023

Dr Manoj Ravi discusses how the School of Chemical and Process Engineering are embedding sustainability practices into their Year 1 design projects to address current and future global challenges.

Developing our approach to Active Learning

31 March 2023

Professor James Pickering shares his thoughts on how the refreshed approach to the Leeds Curriculum has increased the focus on how we are supporting our students to think through active learning.

Curriculum or Culture Redefined?

13 March 2023

Professor Paul Taylor, Dean for Student Education, shares his thoughts on curriculum as encompassing everything the University provides that enables learning.

Three ways to understand inclusive teaching and learning practices

7 March 2023

What makes our teaching and learning practices inclusive and how do we know if we’re getting it right?

Empowering students to tackle global sustainability challenges

20 February 2023

Climate crisis, plastics in the ocean and human rights violations are only some of the pressing concerns we all share. What should educators be doing?

Apprenticeships: Opportunities to access higher education and gain skills for life

6 February 2023

We can inspire more people into apprenticeships by working closely with employers, and provide qualifications to those looking for new opportunities or career progression.

Hip, hip, hybrid: Student Education Conference 2023

3 February 2012

Dr Cynthia Heiner from Freie Universität Berlin shares her thoughts on the SEC 2023 and how student education is much more than the sum of its parts.

Artificial Intelligence and Assessment

1 February 2023

Professor Jeff Grabill, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Education, explains how AI technologies present serious ethical questions for students and educators.

How can we actively reduce inequality across education?

23 January 2023

Professor Jeff Grabill reveals how digital transformation and international partnerships can address educational needs on a global scale.

Our Curriculum Redefined journey so far

19 December 2022

Professor Jeff Grabill reflects on the journey so far for Curriculum Redefined – our ambitious education transformation programme.


5 October 2022

Professor Jeff Grabill talks about the importance of kindness as a virtue for educators.

How to embrace digitally-enhanced learning

15 July 2022

In the debate over digitally-enhanced learning, the focus on modality is misguided, argue Simone Buitendijk and Jeff Grabill. Via Wonkhe.

Go ‘digital’, not ‘online’, to avoid spooking students

17 May 2022

Jeff Grabill says lifelong learning will bring thousands more students to higher education, and universities must be honest about what they can expect. Via Times Higher Education.

Deans of Student Education

Professor Alice O’Grady (Quality and Standards) 

Alice is responsible for ensuring that quality and standards are maintained across the taught student portfolio and will oversee the University’s assessment and degree classification processes. Her role will ensure assessments are fit for purpose, authentic, rigorous and ensure academic standards with inclusivity and student success as key criteria. 

Professor Kenny McDowall (Portfolio and Curriculum) 

Kenny is responsible for the academic leadership of the taught education portfolio and curriculum, including the active management and evolution of the portfolio of taught programmes at taught postgraduate and undergraduate level. He provides academic leadership to embed decolonisation and inclusive teaching and is the academic lead for the Curriculum Redefined project. 

Professor Paul Taylor (Student Experience) 

Paul is responsible for providing academic leadership of the student experience and for driving forward the delivery of the University’s Student Education strategy.

His focus is on embedding digital pedagogic practice into the curriculum, ensuring a high-quality experience for all students. 

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