Student education

University of Leeds Strategy
2020 to 2030

A student in Brotherton Library smiling and holding some books.

Our vision

To provide a transformative, research-based educational experience for students from diverse backgrounds, who develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and make a positive impact in the world. 

Our aims and objectives

1. Engage students as partners in their education, through active and inclusive approaches to learning, and research-based content. We will:

  • Ensure our students are equipped with knowledge, skills and attributes aligned with their career aspirations and the needs of society and employers.
  • Embed evidence-based, active and inclusive approaches to learning and assessment across the University.
  • Transform our curriculum by placing students and their success at its heart. Streamline our portfolio and adopt a consistent programme structure that facilitates student choice and different ways of learning.
  • Attract, retain and support students from all backgrounds, with a focus on evidence-based interventions that support the achievement of challenging targets for particular groups.

2. Provide an outstanding education, underpinned and enhanced by sector-leading digital resources, teaching methods and technologies. We will:

  • Expand our portfolio of accessible online education for lifelong learning, collaborating with global partners.
  • Invest in digital education, including tools and content that enhance students’ education, supported by efficient administrative systems.
  • Develop the skills staff and students need to take advantage of a digitally-enabled, student-centred, active-learning experience across all programmes. 
  • Harness “smart campus” technology. 

3. Foster an engaged and lifelong community of staff, students, alumni and partners. We will:  

  • Create a positive and inclusive culture, helping all students and staff to feel and promote a sense of belonging as valued members of our community.
  • Recognise the value of, and derive benefits for our students from, the global Leeds community as friends and advocates of the University and experts with local country knowledge.
  • Help students to benefit from the global Leeds community, for example, using alumni and partner networks to create opportunities for study and employment.
  • Support students to engage with lifelong learning and to explore study and career opportunities in the Leeds City Region.

4. Embed a sustainable approach to delivering high-quality, research-based education.  We will:

  • Use technology and consistent, streamlined processes to improve every aspect of the student experience, from enquiry and application through to graduation and alumni engagement.
  • Achieve a programme portfolio, modes of delivery and student cohort mix that secure financial sustainability, excellence in research, scholarship and student outcomes, and a positive work-life balance for all colleagues.
  • Provide a supportive and inclusive academic environment for students and staff that enables each to develop the necessary skills to succeed through sustainable workloads.
  • Promote environmental and social sustainability through our portfolio, our actions and student opportunities.

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