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To push boundaries, first you must cross them

What happens when you bring a biomedical engineer and a ballet choreographer together in the same space?

Leeds Creative Labs is a pioneering programme delivered by the Cultural Institute since 2012 that pairs creative professionals with researchers from the University of Leeds. The programme offers participants the rare chance to collaborate and explore ideas without the pressure of delivering against targets.  

The partnership model is often described as a ‘disruptive technology’ as participants are encouraged to expand their thinking and redefine their work practice in a non-traditional, experimental and playful setting.

Enquiring minds enter the experience on an equal footing, and together establish the focus of their engagement with each other from the outset.

Watch our video, and read the case studies we feature on this page to learn about the impact that Leeds Creative Labs can have on the creative and research landscape.

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Our stories

Ideas without limits

We’ve matched artists with academics in what we believe will be a mutually challenging and inspirational partnership – there are no rules. We've asked only that they work together with open minds and an ambition to add value and make a positive impact through their work.

Here’s how some great ideas have come together:

Our sponsors

The Horizons Institute

The Horizons Institute at the University of Leeds provides a shared platform for tackling global challenges. Our supportive environment creates opportunities to develop new collaborations that inspire bold ideas and approaches.

 We help academics enhance their interdisciplinary skills, build their careers and elevate interdisciplinary research – at Leeds and around the world. We connect interdisciplinary research with communities, NGOs and charities, local authorities, policymakers, businesses and the public, developing research together to create a positive impact.

The Cultural Institute

The Cultural Institute has three main aims: increase pioneering research collaborations with creative sector partners, widen cultural engagement and participation and build the skills of our students.

We thrive on ideas from the creative and cultural sector and nurture partnership between arts professionals, researchers and students from all disciplines. We are strengthening our position as a global centre of research and teaching excellence in culture, building sustainable partnerships in a city, region and nation rich in artistic innovation and cultural aspiration.

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