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Knowledge Equity Network

Imagine a world in which human knowledge is shared more equitably, unhindered by barriers of cost, time or national borders. 

Just think what could be achieved by marshalling the latest ground-breaking research and offering research-led, challenge-focused education at scale, as part of a global effort to meet – and solve – the biggest challenges facing our planet.

This change is desperately needed and long overdue. Now is the time for action, not just words. 

KEN2022 summit

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Date: Thursday 17 November 2022
Time: 8.30am to 6.30pm
Location: Nexus, Discovery Way, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 3AA / Online

General registration for KEN2022 has now closed. However, if you would like to register to attend KEN2022 virtually, please email

Our intention for this hybrid summit is to unite our partners and bring the aspirations of the declaration to reality. It will provide the opportunity for an open discussion on the initiative and the content of the draft declaration.

Read the declaration

The declaration of the Knowledge Equity Network sets out a broad vision for fair and equitable access to knowledge, through a shared global community of learners, practitioners, and innovators. It is based on the central tenants that access to the knowledge of HEIs should be universal, collaborative, inclusive and sustainable.

The declaration sets out general principles to support this vision, plus principles for specific signatory groups, and will gather the coalition of the willing who will bring the aims of the declaration to life.

The declaration is currently in draft form, whilst we engage with partners. The summit in November will provide a forum for discussion on the principles, recommendations and any unforeseen barriers, to co-develop the final declaration.

Working with partners to jointly advance the content of the declaration will ensure that we can create an aligned community who share the vision to increase the open access to knowledge, and to share best practice across the Knowledge Equity Network as this is developed.


For further information on the Knowledge Equity Network and to discuss how you can engage with us on this exciting initiative, please contact: